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behold the light patch of air

Behold the light patch of air, and behold it,
The light pattern crosshatch of sun on that patch of skin,
Sitting by the bus window, in the breeze, in the motion;
Drifting in the moment of feeling,
That sun and breeze.
Stop. See it.

The freckles, the light hair, the whiteness;
Sunlit, sun-warmed, sun-dappled body;
Freckled, shadowed body.
This body works to feel warm and cool,
And underneath the light hair and freckled skin
Burns the coal, the fire, the blood, the beat,
The pulse of warmth, mostly invisible and unfelt
As long as all is well.

Normal is nothing; nothing is normal.
Sensation denotes a change of state,
And then the body pays attention, takes note:
Drafts a memo to the mind
That says sun and wind and movement.
The mind drifts, abstractly, absent the moment,
But the body remains and continues on
As conduit between consciousness and physical existence
And the drifting gradually gives way to purpose,
And the mind considers, and says ah,
The sun and wind and movement, and ah,
The bend and turn means soon, and ah,
Comes the stop.

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