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This Is Not Your River

Passing through a door
Into a darker, quieter room
Away from asking;
Looking out into the light,
I saw my other self.

This was the room with the mirror.
But out there was the other me.
She was thinner, and less freckled, with better clothes--
It was her, the me who tried harder,
Wanting the same.

She was the me who ate less food
Even though she loved eating,
And who ran
Even though she hated running.
I think this other me never stopped wearing foundation
Even if she had to get up fifteen minutes early to put it on.
Even though she didn't have to,
And she wanted to sleep in.

Other me wasn't happy either.
She broke along the same cracks.
People mostly loved her and hated her the same.
She had the same house and the same cat and the same possessions,
Her clothes were smaller,
But she had the same shoe size as me
And her plants were just as thick and green as mine.

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